[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 0.7

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun May 22 11:03:58 EDT 2005

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

>I'm running monodevelop successfully on SuSe 9.3.
>1. Forget all this rug stuff, it doesn't work; I fiddled with it for a
>long time.
>2. Remove ALL SuSe's mono packages, this requires removing Beagle and
>Tomboy but you can put them in again later.
>3. Download the packages from http://www.mono-project.com/Downloads into
>a directory
>4. Do a rpm -Uvh * in that directory
>5. On two of five boxes I needed to run "/sbin/ldconfig" before anything
>would work.
>6. Monodevelop now runs!

Thanks for that.  I'm not sure what it says about Novell if what you say 
is true.  Rug is their recommended method after all, so if it doesn't 
work, especially on their own distribution (SuSE), they really ought to 
be looking at it.  Maybe they are.

The only problem I have with your suggestion is that I now have 
absolutely no idea what I have to remove or what to install.

a) What should I uninstall?  Do I have to use rug to do it, as I used 
rug to install at least some of the packages in the first place?  Or 
should I use apt, or YaST, since I guess some of the packages were in 
the original 9.3 upgrade?

b) Following the link you gave to the 9.3 packages leads me to 30 
separate packages to install, or 5 zip files containing these 30 
packages.  Once I've got all these packages, which ones am I supposed to 
install and in what order?

I suppose that I can at least take some consolation from the fact that I 
don't appear to be the only one having trouble.  It does make you 
compare the installation experience with the equivalent for VS, doesn't 
it.  VS does take a long time to install, and I have had the occasional 
problem with it, but nothing like this.  And I've never had any trouble 
installing the .NET framework.  It won't put me off from getting to 
grips with mono - but it may mean that I just use it as a runtime 
environment and not for development.  I'd find that very sad.

I've been trying to get a full mono 1.1.x installation with monodevelop 
now almost since the day 1.1 was released. :(  Although I should perhaps 
note that the problem has always been with monodevelop.  mono itself has 
always installed just fine and done exactly what it's supposed to do.  
However, I regard a decent IDE as very important.  I know this isn't a 
view shared by everyone, but I much prefer to use a good IDE over a text 
editor, however sophisticated.  Things like code completion and 
integrated debugging are important to me - perhaps because I have such a 
poor memory and write such buggy code :)

Hopefully this doesn't sound overcritical.  Mono is important to me and 
I want it to succeed.  I recognise that there may be issues with my 
particular installation even though it is a brand new SuSE 9.3 install 
(via upgrade from 9.2), so there shouldn't be that many problems, should 

I also recognise that although I might be a tidy developer, I'm not a 
good or a knowledgeable sysadmin.  So there may be wetware problems.  
However, I am happy to learn and to follow advice where I can.  
Unfortunately this hasn't got me a good install of monodevelop with mono 
1.1.x yet.



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