[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 0.7

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sun May 22 11:27:11 EDT 2005

> >I'm running monodevelop successfully on SuSe 9.3.
> >1. Forget all this rug stuff, it doesn't work; I fiddled with it for a
> >long time.
> >2. Remove ALL SuSe's mono packages, this requires removing Beagle and
> >Tomboy but you can put them in again later.
> >3. Download the packages from http://www.mono-project.com/Downloads into
> >a directory
> >4. Do a rpm -Uvh * in that directory
> >5. On two of five boxes I needed to run "/sbin/ldconfig" before anything
> >would work.
> >6. Monodevelop now runs!
> Thanks for that.  I'm not sure what it says about Novell if what you say 
> is true.  Rug is their recommended method after all, so if it doesn't 
> work, especially on their own distribution (SuSE), they really ought to 
> be looking at it.  Maybe they are.

9.3 is new, as is Monodevelop 0.7;  these things will sort themselves
out.  I've been using rug/red-carpet since Ximian released it, it is an
excellent product and solution.

> a) What should I uninstall?  Do I have to use rug to do it, as I used 
> rug to install at least some of the packages in the first place?  Or 
> should I use apt, or YaST, since I guess some of the packages were in 
> the original 9.3 upgrade?

rpm  -qa | grep mono

Remove all those, and the ones that depend on them.

> b) Following the link you gave to the 9.3 packages leads me to 30 
> separate packages to install, or 5 zip files containing these 30 
> packages.  Once I've got all these packages, which ones am I supposed to 
> install and in what order?

You probably want all of them although you may not need all the "gapi"
ones;  and it you don't do ASP/web stuff you don't need mon_mono/xsp.
But I'd guess you want all the other ones.

> I suppose that I can at least take some consolation from the fact that I 
> don't appear to be the only one having trouble.  It does make you 
> compare the installation experience with the equivalent for VS, doesn't 
> it.  

VS wasn't released last week for a Windows version only about a month
old. :)

> VS does take a long time to install, and I have had the occasional 
> problem with it, but nothing like this.  And I've never had any trouble 
> installing the .NET framework.  It won't put me off from getting to 
> grips with mono - but it may mean that I just use it as a runtime 
> environment and not for development.  I'd find that very sad.

Ok, I've never used VS.  You'd have to pay me a great deal of money to
put up with using a M$ product for my day-to-day work.  Time is saves it
one area it consumes may fold more futzing with myriad 'mystery'
problems with useless error messages.

> I've been trying to get a full mono 1.1.x installation with monodevelop 
> now almost since the day 1.1 was released. :(  Although I should perhaps 
> note that the problem has always been with monodevelop.  mono itself has 
> always installed just fine and done exactly what it's supposed to do.  
> However, I regard a decent IDE as very important.  

Same,  monodevelop is the bugger of the mix.

> I know this isn't a 
> view shared by everyone, but I much prefer to use a good IDE over a text 
> editor, however sophisticated.  

Same, an monodevelop is quite nice; certainly worth the wrestling match
to get it to run.

> Hopefully this doesn't sound overcritical.  Mono is important to me and 
> I want it to succeed.  I recognise that there may be issues with my 
> particular installation even though it is a brand new SuSE 9.3 install 
> (via upgrade from 9.2), so there shouldn't be that many problems, should 
> there?

I never upgrade.  Make /home a separate partition and just reinstall the
new distribution.  I belong to a largish LUG and just about everyone has
given up on upgrading;  for a workstation the convenience of upgrading
is rarely worth the potential flakiness (especially if you've used third
party packages or ever once done an rpm --force).
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