[Mono-list] development environment for mono

Xoen xoen@email.it
Mon, 09 May 2005 12:45:18 +0200

monomail@huntington-bradley.com wrote:

>Which development environments do people who develop for Mono on Linux use?  I
>did have a pretty hard time getting the Mono core, xsp, and Monodoc installed
>(like I said, I'm a newbie--but learning fast).  I'm a little spooked by the
>thought of installing Monodevelop and some of its dependencies from svn, but
>I'm wiiling to give it a go if Monodevelop 0.6 is really useable to get real
>work done.  Is that the case?
I've tried MonoDevelop 0.6, In my opinion is really unstable...crashes
too and maybe is not usabel...but many people say that it works VERY
good, so maybe the problem is mine.
If MD works for you, it's GREAT, expecially the code completition,
that's very useful to learn very fast, IMHO.

(Good works MD developers ;) )

If you learn fast you can try Gentoo (www.gentoo.org), many of the mono
stuff is already in the portage tree.

Bye, good development ;)


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