[Mono-list] development environment for mono

monomail@huntington-bradley.com monomail@huntington-bradley.com
Sun, 8 May 2005 23:32:27 -0700

I'm pretty much a linux and mono newbie, though I have done a couple of small
console and web apps in C# on Windows using VS.NET.

Now that I've managed to get Mono 1.1.6 compiled and installed on my brand new
Ubuntu Hoary installation, I'm excited to begin writing some apps.

Which development environments do people who develop for Mono on Linux use?  I
did have a pretty hard time getting the Mono core, xsp, and Monodoc installed
(like I said, I'm a newbie--but learning fast).  I'm a little spooked by the
thought of installing Monodevelop and some of its dependencies from svn, but
I'm wiiling to give it a go if Monodevelop 0.6 is really useable to get real
work done.  Is that the case?

What other IDE's or environments are people using to get work done using Mono? 
I've used Eclipse a bit a while back and quite liked it.  Is it useable for
development work with Improve's C# plug-in?  Do the refactoring tools work for

I know I should probably just take the plunge and try these things out for
myself (I did do a fair bit of Googling and searching of list archives before
posting this, but didn't get a lot of useful information about this specific
question) but time is really at a premium for me right now and it would be
really useful to me (and others, I'm sure) to hear the opinions of those who
are already getting work done for Mono about their working development

I do use gvim on Windows as my editor of choice, so I can certainly just use
that and mcs at the command line if that's all that really works--just hoping
to get some advice on what really works that's a little more sophisticated.

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