[Mono-list] Re: Suggestions

Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto@tusofona.com
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 19:36:56 +0100


On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 16:35 -0600, Zac Bowling wrote:
> (...) restart of apache isn't not
> going to hurt unless someone is in mid stream of a massive download
> (which rarely happens with my stuff). 

For my case I have this kind of problem. I cannot restart Apache every
time, because someone can be doing download or viewing stream video or

Like someone said in this thread, this feature is more useful for
Production Environment. I don't imagine one hosting enterprise doing
restart of the Apache every time a user change is WebSite.

I will wait for the end of the year for new changes.

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal

> Rarely do I run into an issue. Granted its all config files, but I
> prefer them (in fact on IIS 5 I would use a metabase editor and on II6 I
> would edit the new XML metabase directly instead of using the gui 95% of
> the time). Structure and automation is possible with flat config files
> (part of the reason why Microsoft can't get into the virtual hosting
> market since its so hard to automate it). I can quickly scan over my
> sites and see if anyone of them is different and fix it. If for someone
> reason I'm allowing WebDav on one and not on another I can put custom
> comments in. It would take me a day or two to do what I need to do in
> IIS what I can do under mod_mono in an hour. Granted its not the best
> solution for a person wanting to put a site and go and make little
> changes here and there when they want too, but after the learning curve
> the benefit is clear.
> I love the the asp.net state management provided under mono as well.
> Similar to Microsoft's method but not clouded in strange things, its
> really simple to understand to so you can find out what is going on when
> a server isn't responding to your session keys correctly.
> Its all manageable from this aspect :-) 
> Hope that helps.