[Mono-list] Re: Suggestions

Zac Bowling zac@zacbowling.com
Sun, 27 Mar 2005 16:35:53 -0600

I like Mono and ASP.NET for simply a compatibility aspect. I feel safer
running on Linux as well. It means if a common vulnerability that can
attack IIS servers comes out over night, I can't see it effecting me to
much and if its a design flaw that we both over looked, I get to apply
the patch and really see what it does.

The only issue I have is using .NET compiled ASP.NET components from 3rd
party companies where they have path issues like calling images and
stuff from a resource directory that is cased wrong statically in their
code. A few symbolic links in a few places fix most of that as a
temporary fix until I get the company made it, to fix it (most companies
are open to the idea of their products working in a new market as well
so they are more then happy about working on Mono compatibility).

I feel that its just a mater of time before we ASP.Net using Mono added
to packages like Ensim and CPanel and other hosting providers offering
it preinstalled on hosting servers. 

I haven't found any issues in the SVN head requiring to much work that a
simple script can't fix and a half second restart of apache isn't not
going to hurt unless someone is in mid stream of a massive download
(which rarely happens with my stuff). 

Rarely do I run into an issue. Granted its all config files, but I
prefer them (in fact on IIS 5 I would use a metabase editor and on II6 I
would edit the new XML metabase directly instead of using the gui 95% of
the time). Structure and automation is possible with flat config files
(part of the reason why Microsoft can't get into the virtual hosting
market since its so hard to automate it). I can quickly scan over my
sites and see if anyone of them is different and fix it. If for someone
reason I'm allowing WebDav on one and not on another I can put custom
comments in. It would take me a day or two to do what I need to do in
IIS what I can do under mod_mono in an hour. Granted its not the best
solution for a person wanting to put a site and go and make little
changes here and there when they want too, but after the learning curve
the benefit is clear.

I love the the asp.net state management provided under mono as well.
Similar to Microsoft's method but not clouded in strange things, its
really simple to understand to so you can find out what is going on when
a server isn't responding to your session keys correctly.

Its all manageable from this aspect :-) 

Hope that helps. 

Zac Bowling
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