[Mono-list] Re: Suggestions

Nik Derewianka mono@e-media.com.au
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 04:10:52 +1000

>>> I know there is a bug open about it, i know there is a control panel 
>>> work around.  But really, ASP.Net development with mono is 
>>> completely unuseable for real world situations on any platform.  
>>> This is despite the fact that most of it is pretty much there 
>>> waiting to be used.
> I use XSP in "real world situations" on Linux, and I find that it's 
> hardly more of a hastle than IIS.

Okay - but are you a .Net developer from windows with little to no 
experience of linux ??  If so, how long did it take you to arrive at a 
solution for restarting the server compared to how long it took you to 
start developing with IIS ??

I may have this completely wrong, the biggest influx of Mono users could 
be from existing linux users who want a better programming situation 
that is found with Mono - in which case, some of my suggestions are 
misguided because they are due to my lack of knowledge of Linux.  
However, i think that .Net being a Microsoft technology initially means 
that a large userbase are windows developers who like the appeal of Open 
Source and are trying out Mono.  For this reason, they are going to be 
unfamiliar with Linux, are going to be running into similar issues as i 
have, are going to be asking the same questions on the lists time and 
time again (if they even bother to subscribe).

Whilst ideally i would like to be contributing code to make Mono a 
better project, i can, as a user still offer feedback on the setup 
process and point out things that could be improved, hopefully saving 
thousands of other developers who might be similar in my skillset from 
going through some of the same frustration that i have been through.  
The fact that there are many blogs out there with similar frustrations 
being vented would seem to indicate that there is room for improvement - 
maybe we are just trying to get into the game too early and Mono will 
get to a much more useable point soon.

> It can never be as good, as Microsoft is for-profit, and will always 
> be revising their products (C# won't be the C# we know now in five 
> years, I'll warrent.  

I actually dont buy this at all.

An excellent production team with good processes in place will make good 
products regardless of how the product is licenced at the end or whether 
they are for profit (and last i checked, Novell was definitely a 
for-profit company).