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SigmaX scottclansman@cwazy.co.uk
Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:00:57 +0000

Robert Jordan wrote:

> Nik,
>>  From http://www.mono-project.com/ASP.NET
>> "Both are fully functional at this point."
>> This is somewhat disingenuous.  A .net web developer is going to 
>> presume that this means it works just like IIS and .Net but on linux 
>> with mono and apache.
>> It doesnt work on windows with apache and mono
>> It doesnt work on OSX with apache and mono
>> It works on linux - but only if your idea of good systems 
>> administration includes restarting apache everytime you make a change 
>> to your site.
>> I know there is a bug open about it, i know there is a control panel 
>> work around.  But really, ASP.Net development with mono is completely 
>> unuseable for real world situations on any platform.  This is despite 
>> the fact that most of it is pretty much there waiting to be used.
I use XSP in "real world situations" on Linux, and I find that it's 
hardly more of a hastle than IIS.  Your other points are valid; and I 
agree that using Microsoft technologies for .NET anything is still the 
best choice in most situations (i.e. situations in which there is no 
UNIX-based system to deal with).  I expect that, by the end of the year, 
however, Mono will be to the point that it will be a viable 
alternative.  It can never be as good, as Microsoft is for-profit, and 
will always be revising their products (C# won't be the C# we know now 
in five years, I'll warrent.  It'll be C# 3.2 and resemble VB with 
curlies or something :-P) so people "upgrade," (C++ will be the C++ we 
know in five years... because M$ doesn't make money off of C++).  This 
will keep Mono one step behind at all times, not to mention trying to 
imlement all changes and additions to the .net framework. 

All the same I think that by the end of the year Mono will be usable.  
Maybe not as good as .net, but good enough to be worth choosing as a 
cost-saving measure for some.

> Sure, it would be nicer if XSP+mod_mono would behave more like
> ASP.NET+IIS, but this is not an issue for professional ASP.NET/XSP
> development.
> Serious development implies a staging/development server,
> so I simply don't care whether I have to restart Apache
> or not: it's just a script that gets called after a
> sucessful build.
> Rob

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