[Mono-list] Re: Suggestions

Nik Derewianka mono@e-media.com.au
Mon, 28 Mar 2005 03:39:29 +1000

Robert Jordan wrote:

>> I know there is a bug open about it, i know there is a control panel 
>> work around.  But really, ASP.Net development with mono is completely 
>> unuseable for real world situations on any platform.  This is despite 
>> the fact that most of it is pretty much there waiting to be used.
> I don't agree with this point.
> ...
> Serious development implies a staging/development server,
> so I simply don't care whether I have to restart Apache
> or not: it's just a script that gets called after a
> sucessful build. 

There are 3 issues:

1) In a large virtual host environment - this situation is not workable 
from a support side of things (see the mono forge forums as an example 

2) Not all programmers are sys admins.  Not all sysadmins coming to mono 
are familiar with linux (which is currently the only way to do 
ASP.Net).  I'm hardly a computer newbie, but getting a system up and 
running with mono has taken a lot longer than is needed due to the fact 
that i have needed to learn a new operating system, new installation 
method, new web server, Mono installation and configuration (thats fine) 
on a system that to be fair not all people will find as user friendly as 
their current operating system. Suggesting that they just whip up a 
script to restart the server is not going to work for everyone.

3) What is wrong with just saying under the ASP.Net section of the 
website "works on linux, requires apache restart for reloading dll's".  
The curious dont get annoyed when they download and set everything up 
only to find this issue which that have to search the web to find out 
about.  The comfortable know exactly what needs to be done and can 
handle it.  The - "im waiting for a drop in replacement" people dont 
waste their time.

The effect overall atm is that people who are comfy with .Net, apache 
and linux will have no problems doing asp.net development with Mono.  
But how large a segment of the industry do you think that is compared to 
people who know .Net and IIS and want to try out Mono ?