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VB.net is mostly enhanced compared to VB6 and the language syntax is mostly 
backwards compatible.
See "A Programmer's Introduction to Visual Basic.NET" from Craig Utley 
(SAMS). MS used to give a smaller preview version of it for free in the 
past. Very nicely written and very informative on what changed from VB6 to 
VB.net in syntax (esp. things like array indexing/bounds etc.)

>I would like to say this and this only.
>VB6 isn't only about using 3rd party controls.  In fact, most vb6 users 
>choose vb6 the ease of creating their own reusable controls to use in other 
>vb6, vc++6, and web projects.  I only >want to strongly encourage anyone to 
>take a crack at this compiler.  There are lots of people out there still 
>writing vb6 and wishing there were a portability solution.

not sure if it would help, but checkout my site below and follow the 
"tranXform" link, then the "VB6*" links (have code to parse VB6 form files 
and make XML out of it, then transform it via XSLT to say .aspx html pages 
[ASP.net] - might help, although I'm not sure if user controls of VB6 use 
similar descriptive format or if they were using an imperative [commands] 
format to define the GUI as used in Visual Studio.net [and in many Java 
IDEs]). I prefer the declarative syntax since it's potentially transformable

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