[Mono-list] g_spawn_command_line_async

Phillip Neumann bob@sofsis.cl
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:39:54 +0000


Im trying to start a new proces in the background with:

    g_spawn_command_line_async("command", IntPtr.Zero);

it works fine on this unix mashine, but im trying the same on windows 
and it has no effect...
i have this:

    static extern bool g_spawn_command_line_async (string command, 
IntPtr err);
    public void RealPlayerStart(){
        if (((int) System.Environment.OSVersion.Platform) >= 4){
            g_spawn_command_line_async ("mpg123 
http://sofsis.cl:8000/128.mp3", IntPtr.Zero);   
        else{ //Windows
            string s = "\"%ProgramFiles%\\Windows Media 
Player\\wmplayer.exe\" http://sofsis.cl:8000/128.mp3";
            Console.WriteLine("win32> "+s);
            g_spawn_command_line_async (s, IntPtr.Zero);   

on windows i get this output:

    win32>  %ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" 

witch looks fine, thinking that when i execute that on the msdos prompt 
it works.. i.e. open the mediaplayer

whats the matter?

is this just not implemented on windows glib?

PD: im using mono 1.1.4 + gtk# installer

thanks in advance!