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Jochen Wezel (CompuMaster GmbH)
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:11:55 +0100

Regarding the request to reuse VB6 controls:
There will be a new release of Visual Studio 2005 in the next weeks by =
Microsoft. As far as I know, it will contain a better migration =
assistant to convert MS VB 6 projects to VB.NET.=20

Then, those self-created controls from VB 6 should be easily portable to =
a fullly .NET compliant control, this way.
After that, you should be able to use the new .NET source code and reuse =
it in all your .NET projects - on Windows and also on Linux and Mac =


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I would like to say this and this only.

VB6 isn't only about using 3rd party controls.  In fact, most vb6 users =
choose vb6 the ease of creating their own reusable controls to use in =
other vb6, vc++6, and web projects.  I only want to strongly encourage =
anyone to take a crack at this compiler.  There are lots of people out =
there still writing vb6 and wishing there were a portability solution.

Thank you,

Aaron DeRenard
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