[Mono-list] PostgreSQL w/ VB?

SigmaX scottclansman@cwazy.co.uk
Tue, 08 Mar 2005 17:37:50 -0600

I have a friend that needs to access my PostgreSQL database with ASP 
.net.  He's newbie to .NET. I could show him how to do it in C#, but he 
already knows a little VB and is terrified of learning anything new, and 
even though he has accessed a MS SQL server with VB & Winforms, he 
hasn't a clue what the code he wrote is actually doing in detail, so we 
can't just plug Npgsql in and change some stuff... because neither of us 
know what his code is doing, so we don't know where to edit to move it 
from the SQL classes to Npgsql.

That said, can anybody give me a simple sample of connecting to and 
reading from a PostgreSQL server with Npgsql & VB?

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