[Mono-list] PostgreSQL w/ VB?

Ying-Shen jonnyyu@online.sh.cn
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 01:25:21 +0800

SigmaX wrote:

> Hey;
> I have a friend that needs to access my PostgreSQL database with ASP 
> .net. He's newbie to .NET. I could show him how to do it in C#, but he 
> already knows a little VB and is terrified of learning anything new, 
> and even though he has accessed a MS SQL server with VB & Winforms, he 
> hasn't a clue what the code he wrote is actually doing in detail, so 
> we can't just plug Npgsql in and change some stuff... because neither 
> of us know what his code is doing, so we don't know where to edit to 
> move it from the SQL classes to Npgsql.
> That said, can anybody give me a simple sample of connecting to and 
> reading from a PostgreSQL server with Npgsql & VB?
> Thanx,
> SigmaX
If you could write the code in C# , maybe you can try .NET Reflector´╝î 
This tool could de-compile the .NET assembly into any programming 
language it support (C#, Visual Basic, Delphi etc )
so write your sample code in C# then open the compiled assembly in .NET 
reflector , set language to Visual Basic, it will show your code in VB.

Hope this helps,

best regards,