[Mono-list] More mod_mono issues...

Bryce Fischer bryce@berzerker-soft.com
Tue, 08 Mar 2005 20:48:01 -0500

Ok. I've gotten farther now. Apache starts. When I try to view the test 
documents that come with xsp, the browser will just sit there attempting 
to load the page.

I'm running:
Apache 2.0.46

The following mono packages are installed:
[install: mono-complete 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
I will install/upgrade these to satisfy the dependencies:
[deps: bytefx-data-mysql 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-data-oracle 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-data-postgresql 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-ikvm 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-data-sybase 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-core 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-extras 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: ibm-data-db2 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-data 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-locale-extras 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-winforms 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-basic 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-web 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]
[deps: mono-data-sqlite 1.0.6-1.novell.9.1.i386]

built using source tarballs:
mod_mono 1.0.6
xsp 1.0.6

I'm not sure how to debug from here. If I run xsp from the 
/usr/share/doc/xsp/test folder, I can run the .aspx files by going to 
port 8080. Typing ps-aux shows me 2 processes running mod-mono-server.exe:
/usr/bin/mono /usr/lib/mono/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe --filename 
/tmp/mod_mono_server --applications /demo:/usr/share/doc/xsp/test 
--nonstop --appconfigdir /etc/httpd/conf/mod-mono-applications

So. Is there any way to view any meaningful log output? All I see in 
messages and error_log are that the httpd service started. Anything at 
all would be greatly appreciated.