[Mono-list] Handle daemon?

Dick Porter dick@ximian.com
07 May 2004 13:04:33 +0100

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 18:34, Simon Ask Ulsnes wrote:
> Hi there...
> Every time I run a Mono app with the new Beta 1, I get the following 
> command-line output:
> ** (test.exe:7227): WARNING **: The handle daemon didnt start up properly
> ** (test.exe:7227): WARNING **: Failed to attach shared memory! Falling 
> back to non-shared handles
> What's that all about? I never heard of any handle daemon?

It manages cross-process shared data, amongst other things.

When a mono process starts it tries to look up the daemon, or starts one
if there isn't one currently running.

> Mono stalls for about 5 seconds before showing these messages, which is 
> really annoying.
> Library versions:
> GLib: 2.4.1
> GLIBC: 2.3.3 (20040420)
> GCC: 3.4 (system compiled with 3.4, Mono with 3.3.3 because of strange 
> errors)
> Mono was compiled with support for NPTL. I'm running Gentoo with a 2.6.4 
> kernel.

I usually ignore Gentoo bugs because there is no hope of reproducing the
build environment.  "Strange errors" seems to be the norm.  However,
I've recently tweaked the daemon startup code to fix a race condition,
so I'll make an exception in this case.

First thing to do is to turn down the gcc optimisation level, if its set
to anything higher than -O2.

If that doesn't cure it, turn on the DEBUG define at the top of
io-layer/daemon.c and send me any output off-list.

- Dick