[Mono-list] Handle daemon?

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon@ulsnes.dk
Thu, 06 May 2004 19:34:40 +0200

Hi there...
Every time I run a Mono app with the new Beta 1, I get the following 
command-line output:

** (test.exe:7227): WARNING **: The handle daemon didnt start up properly

** (test.exe:7227): WARNING **: Failed to attach shared memory! Falling 
back to non-shared handles

What's that all about? I never heard of any handle daemon?
Mono stalls for about 5 seconds before showing these messages, which is 
really annoying.

Library versions:
GLib: 2.4.1
GLIBC: 2.3.3 (20040420)
GCC: 3.4 (system compiled with 3.4, Mono with 3.3.3 because of strange 

Mono was compiled with support for NPTL. I'm running Gentoo with a 2.6.4 


- Simon