[Mono-list] I a miss a mod_mono .rpm.

Roberto Jimeno jimeno@servidor.unam.mx
20 Jun 2004 15:50:43 -0500

Hello Duncan, Gonzalo and monoers at large.

As I've expressed before on this list how much I benefit from the
packages build by Duncan Mak as well as mod_mono owned (or similar) by
Gonzalo Paniagua.

I'm using Mono 0.31 and I'd like to upgrade to Beta 3 or so, but I can't
do it because there is no mod_mono for RPM which works correctly with
Beta 3 (to my knowledge). My project heavily depends on other people to
be able to easily install and configure Mono (including mod_mono).

I'd like to politely ask you not to let mod_mono slip out of your
agenda. Please try to build a mod_mono RPM suitable for Beta 3.