[Mono-list] freemonohost.org...any interest/help?

Michael Rizzer rizzer@smi2le.biz
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 01:52:53 -0400

Hi all,

I am considering buying a dedicated box to start up as a sort of charity 
freemonohost.org (just registered the domain a few minutes ago); I'd be 
willing to pay for it in the next week or two if there is some 

I think this is really needed to help the mono community; and could be 
great help for a lot of things; but I'm currently a bit overworked to 
put in the effort necessary to make it work/happen...

I'm hoping that there are some people on this list with some free time 
that could adminster the server...

I'm looking initially to get a dedicated box at ev1servers.net or 
1and1.com and have some others do most of the work on it while I will 
pay the dedicated hosting fees...might even be able to get a discount 
from them if we plug their hosting business(es) on the front page..

Eventually If it works out I'd like to get 3 dedicated boxes...1 for the 
current release of mono...1 for the current build of the upcoming 
mono...and one windows/ms box for people to test stuff that isn't 
working right on the other boxes...but paying for all three is still not 
in the cards for another  month or two.....probably....but my business 
has been increasing a lot and I'd eventually love to get all three; for 
my own selfish reasons as well as helping out the mono effort...

The only thing I really want in return is some free pr for my business 
which is at http://smi2le.biz/ ; could help my rep as well ;)...

But I'm hoping that volunteers could take care of most of the tasks with 
it; and I'd give them basically unlimited access to the boxes in return 
for the help..maybe some free products of the stuff I sell if it turns 
out to be a lot of work and the volunteers actually want the stuff I 
sell....; but I can't really afford to pay anyone; as I've only got 1 
part time helper with my business right now..we might be able to work 
something where better access costs a few $$ a month and that money 
could be given to the server administers...but that might be hard to 
work logistically and might not be worth the effort; while free for 
everyone could be easy and good enough as long as sitespam bots don't 
start opening accounts..

I think freemonohost.org might be a cheezy name and perhaps someone 
could think of something a bit more clever...I was thinking 
miicazasuicaza.com heh.. but that is probably a bit cheezy/strange 
too... anyone??

I only subscribed to the digest version of this list; but will be 
checking the replies out; I am hoping that I can reply to people 
quickly; but there is a good chance if you write me you won't get a 
long/decent reply for a few days (I'm perpetually backed up on email 
lately it seems)....you can also call me at - 856-652-9118 if you'd like 
to do it and we can set things up so those who are interested and have 
the skills can set things up....

Anyway wanted to get this out there and see who is interested and see if 
it could happen.....I don't think there is anyone doing such a thing 
right now; and I'd be happy to........