[Mono-list] Cross-platform GUI.

David Waite dwaite@gmail.com
Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:53:12 -0600

As a developer, I would go for i), and if the UI bothers me, attempt
to change it, possibly going to cocoa#.

(Puts on FUD Hat)
Java has a very bad reputation because of the poor quality of UI ports
to the mac - I've seen many cases where tools are marked as having mac
versions as soon as a user reports that the software runs on the mac.
As result, most of the mac users I have spoken to avoid downloading
applications with the word 'Java' on their homepage. The java apps
which get downlaoded and used on the mac are ones which do not
advertise the fact.

I know gtk# will have some option for drawing natively on OS X. We all
know 90% of GTK apps will ignore Apple HIG (even more than they ignore
Gnome's HIG).

And I unfortunately know that users will avoid my apps if I advertise
'mono' anywhere near their pages, because in user's minds Mono will
equal inconsistent, broken UI.

-David Waite

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 21:58:33 +0100, David Burnett <vargol@ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Dan Winship wrote:
>  >They allegedly have cross-platform widgets, but
>  >Thunderbird and FireFox just suck on OS X
> In your opinion they suck not mine. Yes, I'm posting this
> from Thunderbird because all the NNTP clients I've tried that follow
> the Apple HIG are a load of rubbish, so I use Thunderbird for that
> and its only natural I use it for email too.
> Before Thunderbird came along I was using PAN with all the problems of
> using an X11 app on OSX, starting up X11,lack of drag and drop
> interaction, fonts with no aliasing (bad GTK compile), limited clipboard
> etc, rather than using the other apps. After using Thunderbird for five
> minutes I did not even notice where it didn't follow Apples HIG.
> In the end it comes down to one simple decision, would you
> rather use
> i)a piece of software with out perfect adherence to Apples HIG
> (GTK# native)
> or
> ii)a piece of software with out perfect adherence to Apples HIG and
> limited clipboard, no drag and drop etc (GTK# via X11)
> or
> iii)no app at all ? .
> I would go for i) every time, and lets face it not many non Mac
> developers are ever going to try Cocoa# unless the GNUStep guys take an
> interest :-)
> Dave
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