[Mono-list] freemonohost.org...any interest/help?

Raśl Romero raul@bgta.net
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:59:54 +0200

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Hi Michael!

First, sorry for my bad english, I'm spanish user, and I'm not customary
to write long letters.

Your propousal is very interesting, and I would like to help in what I
can.... if the time allows me.

I'm newbie in C# and ASP.NET developement, but I have more experience
developing with HTML and PHP...

If you could, I'll do a a Web page of the server using Typo3
(http://www.typo3.com or http://www.typo3.org), a best CMS in PHP (in my
opinion, of course).

I have more experience with this CMS, and I made more extensions and
plugins for it.

If I can help in another thing, please, tell me.

Best Regards.

El jue, 29-07-2004 a las 01:52 -0400, Michael Rizzer escribi=F3:
> Hi all,
> I am considering buying a dedicated box to start up as a sort of charity=20
> freemonohost.org (just registered the domain a few minutes ago); I'd be=20
> willing to pay for it in the next week or two if there is some=20
> interest/help...
> I think this is really needed to help the mono community; and could be=20
> great help for a lot of things; but I'm currently a bit overworked to=20
> put in the effort necessary to make it work/happen...
> I'm hoping that there are some people on this list with some free time=20
> that could adminster the server...
> I'm looking initially to get a dedicated box at ev1servers.net or=20
> 1and1.com and have some others do most of the work on it while I will=20
> pay the dedicated hosting fees...might even be able to get a discount=20
> from them if we plug their hosting business(es) on the front page..
> Eventually If it works out I'd like to get 3 dedicated boxes...1 for the=20
> current release of mono...1 for the current build of the upcoming=20
> mono...and one windows/ms box for people to test stuff that isn't=20
> working right on the other boxes...but paying for all three is still not=20
> in the cards for another  month or two.....probably....but my business=20
> has been increasing a lot and I'd eventually love to get all three; for=20
> my own selfish reasons as well as helping out the mono effort...
> The only thing I really want in return is some free pr for my business=20
> which is at http://smi2le.biz/ ; could help my rep as well ;)...
> But I'm hoping that volunteers could take care of most of the tasks with=20
> it; and I'd give them basically unlimited access to the boxes in return=20
> for the help..maybe some free products of the stuff I sell if it turns=20
> out to be a lot of work and the volunteers actually want the stuff I=20
> sell....; but I can't really afford to pay anyone; as I've only got 1=20
> part time helper with my business right now..we might be able to work=20
> something where better access costs a few $$ a month and that money=20
> could be given to the server administers...but that might be hard to=20
> work logistically and might not be worth the effort; while free for=20
> everyone could be easy and good enough as long as sitespam bots don't=20
> start opening accounts..
> I think freemonohost.org might be a cheezy name and perhaps someone=20
> could think of something a bit more clever...I was thinking=20
> miicazasuicaza.com heh.. but that is probably a bit cheezy/strange=20
> too... anyone??
> I only subscribed to the digest version of this list; but will be=20
> checking the replies out; I am hoping that I can reply to people=20
> quickly; but there is a good chance if you write me you won't get a=20
> long/decent reply for a few days (I'm perpetually backed up on email=20
> lately it seems)....you can also call me at - 856-652-9118 if you'd like=20
> to do it and we can set things up so those who are interested and have=20
> the skills can set things up....
> Anyway wanted to get this out there and see who is interested and see if=20
> it could happen.....I don't think there is anyone doing such a thing=20
> right now; and I'd be happy to........
> Mike
> http://smi2le.biz/
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