[Mono-list] Status of Mono and ASP.NET on Solaris

Stuart Ballard sballard@netreach.com
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:43:39 -0500

I work for a company that does ASP.NET development and we have a 
potential customer who may insist on a solution using Solaris as the OS 
(I don't know whether they would insist on sparc or x86 in particular). 
Since we would be selling them an ASP.NET application (using a lot of 
ASP.NET code that we've already written), this would mean necessarily 
using Mono on the production system.

I've already verified that it's feasible to make the changes to our code 
to run on Mono in general in an MS-free environment (I've tested on 

What I'm not sure about is the status of Mono on Solaris (sparc and x86, 
since I don't know which one applies). Is there a port? Is it up to the 
same level of functionality and stability as the Linux/x86 version?

Also, I'm curious as to what opinion is regarding the use of Mono on 
production websites. Does the Mono project officially recommend (for or 
against) this at this point - on Solaris in particular? Do Ximian offer 
any support options that might be useful in selling this idea to the suits?


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