[Mono-list] Status of Mono and ASP.NET on Solaris

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:09:58 -0500


> What I'm not sure about is the status of Mono on Solaris (sparc and x86, 
> since I don't know which one applies). Is there a port? Is it up to the 
> same level of functionality and stability as the Linux/x86 version?
> Also, I'm curious as to what opinion is regarding the use of Mono on 
> production websites. Does the Mono project officially recommend (for or 
> against) this at this point - on Solaris in particular? Do Ximian offer 
> any support options that might be useful in selling this idea to the suits?

The interpreter works on SPARC v8 and v9, and since Bernie has been
maintaining that code, I would assume that it works on Solaris.

The JIT on Solaris/x86 has not been tested as far as I know, but Solaris
and Linux are both ELF systems that should be using the same calling
conventions, so the JIT should pretty much work out of the box on that

I guess you will need to test it ;-)

We -Novell- can definitely offer support to get this thing going.  The
more aligned the support is with our goals (more support for platforms,
less bugs, more speed in Mono), the more likely it is we might be

Specially if it comes in the form of a large chunk of money to fund the
SPARC JIT port ;-)