[Mono-list] I give up

Attila Balogh d0lphin@mail.edu-net.hu
Thu, 08 Apr 2004 18:53:43 +0200

Jeffrey McManus wrote:

>I'm interested to know what your (and others') problems with GTK# are and
>what you mean by "support" -- are you finding it difficult to learn, in
>other words would better documentation help? Or are you finding it difficult
>to use, things aren't working as advertised, that kind of thing?

my  problem with gtk# personally is that mac os x is not supported. 
although you can find people who hacked it together, if  you co it from 
cvs, and install it, the samples don't work. i don't have a linux box, 
only a mac, and i would love to play with mono on it, but it's been two 
months now, and i don't feel any closer.

there are also problems with xsp, and sometimes mono doesn't compile 
either (i mean cvs version).