[Mono-list] I give up / Mac OS X PPC support

Griffin Caprio griffincaprio@mac.com
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 12:24:07 -0500

> my  problem with gtk# personally is that mac os x is not supported. 
> although you can find people who hacked it together, if  you co it 
> from cvs, and install it, the samples don't work. i don't have a linux 
> box, only a mac, and i would love to play with mono on it, but it's 
> been two months now, and i don't feel any closer.
> there are also problems with xsp, and sometimes mono doesn't compile 
> either (i mean cvs version).
> regards,

Grudgingly, I have to agree with above statement(s).  Mono support for 
Mac OS X/ PPC is fragile at best.  I even tried to put together a page 
on the basic steps ( 
http://homepage.mac.com/griffincaprio/mono/RunningMonoOnMacOSX.html ), 
but I have all but given up trying to maintain that page.  This is 
because mono not reliable from day to day, release to release, on the 
PPC / Mac OS X platform.

I am not saying that running off the CVS tree is the most stable way to 
work, but this goes for the releases also.  0.29 worked on the PPC, 
0.30 didn't  without some major hacking.  0.31 doesn't work reliably, 

Some of the steps I have taken to compile mono include:
- configure switches
- external, 3rd party source downloads
- editing actual code/headers to accommodate the PPC platform.

What's worse, is that when I encounter errors, i receive almost no help 
on the mailing lists.  Some of these are not doubt strange errors, and 
some are very common, but my posts go unanswered either way.

I haven't even gotten to gtk#...

Segmentation faults, bus errors, frozen compiles, etc....  The list 
goes on and on.  I hope to come back to mono in a few months, when/if 
PPC support is better.  But for now, I feel that it's a lost cause.

- Griffin