[Mono-list] I give up

Joop gkokmdam@zonnet.nl
Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:50:41 +0200

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I think one of the things most frustrating is the 'getting it going'. I 
have a hard time to get everything in sync. What version of what package 
   should I use, etc. etc. I'd love to get Monodevelop running, but that 
often depends on un-released parts. Or on parts that are only available 
as source/cvs. So I'm always one step behind.
I know this will change. I only hope it is soon.
The other thing indeed is the documantation. In Qt for example, one has 
a full description of all posible calls and there is a step-by-step 
tutorial. I'd love to see one of those for Gtk# as well.
Joop Zonnet

Jeffrey McManus wrote:

> I'm interested to know what your (and others') problems with GTK# are and
> what you mean by "support" -- are you finding it difficult to learn, in
> other words would better documentation help? Or are you finding it difficult
> to use, things aren't working as advertised, that kind of thing?
> Jeffrey
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>>Subject: [Mono-list] I give up
>>After trying to work with Mono, Portable.NET, Qt, and KDE, I've
>>realized that
>>I'm fighting a battle that I cannot win. Mono supports Gtk# (and
>>GTK+) to the
>>exclusion of any other platform. Portable.NET is behind their own SWF
>>implementation, but at least they are a bit more agnostic. The Qt/KDE
>>community seems to find the entire concept of C# and its use of
>>metadata and
>>JIT compilation repulsive.
>>I'm tired of trying and failing. I'm tired of having no one to
>>support me. I'm
>>tired of feeling isolated and alone.
>>It's just not worth it. Maybe I will end up Windows XP and .NET.
>>Who knows. I
>>just know that the Free software community has got to be the most
>>hostile and
>>intolerant group of people I have ever encountered.
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