[Mono-list] Help needed with XSLT transformations (documentation browser)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Oct 2002 18:59:37 -0400


> My questions, a bit more lucid:
> 1) How do you want the transformed data stored?
>    Need to know this to know how to generate URLs.

Well, the various "scripts" should be used to generate different
presentations (class info, complete class dumping, specific member,
member summary).  So just assume that you can jump to all of those entry

I would like to only ship the XML files, and have our documentation
browser generate the various presentations on the flight using the XSLT

> 2) What sort of output do you want?  Right now, I'm just shoving
>    out some really bad HTML.  I figure you'll want some sort of
>    parseable XML or at the very least presentable CSS/xhtml.
>    Have you got an example of what you want?

CSS/HTML I think is best, feel free to use CSS liberally, and I will
nicely ask Jakub from Ximian to design a nice look for the

Structurally-wise, I think that following the MSDN model is sound. 

> 3) Where can I find the other XML files?  Is there a DTD or spec
>    or something?  I've only tested against Types.xml.

I have now checked in all the XML files into the Mono CVS repository in
the module `monodoc' (I had forgotten to push it to the anoncvs servers,
but am forcing a push right now).