[Mono-list] Help needed with XSLT transformations (documentation browser)

Scott Bronson bronson@rinspin.com
12 Oct 2002 16:21:47 -0700

OK, that's enough to get me started.

I'm looking forward to Jakub's style sheet...

    - Scott

On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 15:59, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello!
> > My questions, a bit more lucid:
> > 
> > 1) How do you want the transformed data stored?
> >    Need to know this to know how to generate URLs.
> Well, the various "scripts" should be used to generate different
> presentations (class info, complete class dumping, specific member,
> member summary).  So just assume that you can jump to all of those entry
> points.
> I would like to only ship the XML files, and have our documentation
> browser generate the various presentations on the flight using the XSLT
> transformations. 
> > 2) What sort of output do you want?  Right now, I'm just shoving
> >    out some really bad HTML.  I figure you'll want some sort of
> >    parseable XML or at the very least presentable CSS/xhtml.
> >    Have you got an example of what you want?
> CSS/HTML I think is best, feel free to use CSS liberally, and I will
> nicely ask Jakub from Ximian to design a nice look for the
> documentation.  
> Structurally-wise, I think that following the MSDN model is sound. 
> > 3) Where can I find the other XML files?  Is there a DTD or spec
> >    or something?  I've only tested against Types.xml.
> I have now checked in all the XML files into the Mono CVS repository in
> the module `monodoc' (I had forgotten to push it to the anoncvs servers,
> but am forcing a push right now).
> Miguel