[Mono-list] Help needed with XSLT transformations (documentation browser)

Scott Bronson bronson@rinspin.com
12 Oct 2002 16:05:39 -0700

On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 15:54, Adam Treat wrote:
> On Saturday 12 October 2002 03:55 pm, Scott Bronson wrote:
> > 2) What sort of output do you want?  Right now, I'm just shoving
> >    out some really bad HTML.
> My preference is css/xhtml or compliant css/html ie, it should follow web 
> standards and work in all major browsers.

OK, I can definitely do the XSLT.  I'm not a web designer though.  High
quality HTML/CSS is not in my toolbox.

If you guys could send me a style sheet and a *tiny* example of an HTML
file showing the desired colors, headings, font choices, tables spacing,
etc., I can use that as a guide to generate the rest.

   - Scott