[Mono-list] Can mono run SharpDevelop and the GUI of NUnit ?

Lavoie Philippe lavoie@yukon.genie.uottawa.ca
Mon, 27 May 2002 19:25:03 -0400


I was curious about the state of mono. I'm thinking of re-writing a C# 
application I did with ASP.NET under windows as a GUI based application. 
I was hoping I could develop everything under Linux.

I was hoping I could use SharpDevelop both as the editor and as a source 
of inspiration for the GUI coding :) I'll also be using tools like nant 
and nunit.

So on to the question. Can SharpDevelop and the Nunit GUI client be run 
under Linux using mono? If not how far off is it? 2 months, 1 year ? If 
so, how come you don't advertise some of the well known C# application 
that fully run with Mono under Linux?

I have a second question. How easy/hard is it to do a client/server 
program with C# under mono. Is SOAP support good enough yet? Personally, 
I find SOAP odd to work with, I prefer RMI. I think I'll get a look at 
the distributed model of C# instead, if mono supports it of course :) 
Which of the two models would be finished first under mono (SOAP or 
distributed) ?

Thanks for any info.


PS I could do it in Java, but I really hate the speed of Java GUI 
applications (I like its server/ html client speed though and I really 
like the ton of tools available for it.)