[Mono-list] Can mono run SharpDevelop and the GUI of NUnit ?

Christoph Wille christophw@alphasierrapapa.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 10:33:15 +0200

At 07:25 PM 5/27/2002 -0400, Lavoie Philippe wrote:
>I was hoping I could use SharpDevelop both as the editor and as a source 
>of inspiration for the GUI coding :) I'll also be using tools like nant 
>and nunit.
>So on to the question. Can SharpDevelop and the Nunit GUI client be run 
>under Linux using mono? If not how far off is it? 2 months, 1 year ? If 
>so, how come you don't advertise some of the well known C# application 
>that fully run with Mono under Linux?

With regards to #develop: as #D is a GUI app, it extensively uses Windows 
Forms. In addition to that dependency, we need quite a few classes from 
other namespaces too. Therefore, for #develop to run under Mono, the Mono 
FCL must implement the classes used by #D. (We have a few WIN32 
dependencies, but these can be removed/worked around)

The Mono support we have so far is limited to platform-specific line 
terminators. The support that's going to be added soon: a switch in C# 
projects where you can choose to compile with either csc.exe or mcs.exe 
(nice for testing a project/class library/sample against both compilers).

While I'm at it: we'd welcome input to our unit testing framework, #unit 
(should be portable to Mono with exception to the GUI). It is slightly 
different from NUnit: it can test protected class members, follows .NET 
paradigms (attributes instead of inheritacne) and most importantly, it can 
test multi-assembly projects. (We are working on a detailed tech note)