[Mono-list] could mono become a hybrid cil/java platform?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
29 May 2002 08:04:30 -0400


> i'm a java programmer, and just read about your 'Java to IL 
> Compiler'-project. at one point it says, that java-bytecode is a subset of 
> cil-bytecode. would it be hard to make the mono-jit a hybrid platform which 
> runs both cil-bytecode and java classfiles (without prior java-bytecode to 
> cil translation)? if you put so much energy into creating a fast JIT, why 
> not use it for java as well?

We are far from our ideal system, and we rather focus on doing one job
right, than attempting to cover more than we can.  That is why the
experimental MBas compiler was split out of MCS.  I do not have the time
nor the resources to deal with this interesting feature.

Engineers have a tendency to over-abstract things, the problem is that
it comes with a price.  

So for now, we are going to keep focusing on .NET, you are welcome to
try it yourself by forking the Mono code, but it is not likely that we
would merge any patches from this fork.