[Mono-list] bad news from microsoft

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 14:15:22 -0000

Well one German/English dictionary provides the following for "pflegen", none of which seems terribly sinister in and of itself.

[quote from dict.leo.org]

English					German
=======					======
to tend					pflegen    
to soigne					pflegen    
to nurse					pflegen    
to maintain, service, administer	pflegen    
to maintain					pflegen    
to look after				pflegen    
to groom					pflegen    
to foster					pflegen    
to cultivate				pflegen    
to attend					pflegen    
to cultivate sth.				etw. pflegen    
to maintain sth.				etw. pflegen    
to cultivate the market			den Markt pflegen    
to associate with				Umgang pflegen mit    
to cultivate share prices [finan.]	Aktienkurse pflegen    
it is not our custom to			wir pflegen nicht zu    
to cultivate a friendship		die Freundschaft pflegen    
to interact with so.			mit jmdm. Umgang pflegen    
to be on familiar terms with so.	freundlichen Umgang pflegen    
to keep company with so.		den Umgang mit jmdm. pflegen 


 - Guy

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A better word might be "enforce".


  "in .NET, we have so many patents on .NET, which we want to 'enforce'".

On 12 Mar 2002, Martin Baulig wrote:

> groith@tcrz.net (Guenther Roith) writes:
> > in .NET, we have so many patents on .NET, which we want to "pflegen"  (i
> > can't find the correct translation - it means the want to use the patents)"
> maintain

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