[Mono-list] Windows forms

Douglas and Elena Husemann husemann@cox-internet.com
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 04:58:18 -0500

Well here is an outsiders view of all this.

The basic Structure of the Class library should be the same on a Platform by
platform basis.

For example, I have



or what ever it wants to be called. should follow the same basic structure. of
the assets (controls or whatever you want to call them)

The Swing UI is half the reason you don't see alot of java implementation on the
client side.
It doesn't have the look and feel of the client.

While I do believe the name space can be implemented to closly match(win forms
needs alot of help)
Some aspects of the class libraries even now have a decent layout and can be
implemented with
a quick and easy search and replace on a platform by platform basis.

After that it will be cleaning up for the platform you need to compile for.

That has been the view that I have had for .net in the way it was described in
the first place and part of
the reason that the windows.forms class libaries were not included in the ECMA.

Also it should be noted that MS (according to rumors), will be making GDI+ a
direct graphics accelerated
object in longhorn. And how this influences the different libraries in
windows.forms (if it is still called that)
in the framework that is released with Longhorn will be interesting to say the
least.   From
what little I gathered, Windows will become a direct x program from boot up.
using the direct x libraries to
accelerate the platform.

Just some thoughts. as I havn't even hacked at the basics. but an observation
from the outside.
Perhaps I am way off base and if I am I do appoligize.

But I do know from the little I have played with Java that most of the users
hated the programs generated
with it using the "universal" gui because it did not have the feel of Windows,
or Amiga, or Mac depending
on which user you talked to.