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Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:27:24 +0800

I think maybe we could have the following :



Just as in C++ world, there could be many GUI toolkit in .NET world.
People could use the toolkit they like. I don't think it's a bad thing.

The key point is cross-platform. If a toolkit can only run under in
Linux or Windows, I will not use it. I don't want to write program

If it's cross-platform but don't fit the current look & feel in the
target os, it doesn't matter. If it's cross-platform, developers will
help it become standard in that os.

Freddy BL wrote :
> I think Miguel and Mike are right.
> If Windows.Forms is bad, and Microsofts want to create a new 
> API for it, why 
> then using it?
> The primary idea of Mono is, to have a the advatages of an 
> Intermediate-Language for the Linux-platform.
> And compiled Console-programs run already today on Linux 
> _and_ Windows.
> I think, that it is at first more important to have a 
> complete support of 
> all GTK+-API in GTK#. And that its possible to create 
> programs in mono for 
> Linux/Unix.
> If anybody needs Windows.Forms, it is IMHO better, if a 
> combination of the 
> Mono- and the WINE-project do this.
> Remember, that the Windows-GUI have features which GTK+ don't 
> have (look at 
> the different Menu-looks in SharpDevelop: Normal, XP-Office, 
> etc). And there 
> existing a lot of features in GTK+, which the Windows-GUI don't have.
> So, it is better, to create Windows-Forms based on WINE. Then 
> the GUI looks 
> like Windows. And I think, that this is better. If you create 
> Windows.Forms 
> in GTK+ (which is a hard work), than there comes KDE-people 
> and want to do 
> the same with Qt. And than there comes Motif-people, who do 
> the same with 
> Motif.
> At the end, it would be a only dissipated power.
> So, its better - if any want to have Windows.Forms, to create 
> it on base of 
> In one time I have asked the WINE-team, if they would be 
> cooperate withe the 
> mono-team to create Windows.Forms. And if they cooperate for 
> programs, where 
> Windows-programs load native-dlls on Windows.
> The answer was, that its at the moment no topic for their, 
> because at the 
> moment there are no important programs, which used .net with 
> Windows.Forms. 
> But if the first programs comes, they are interested in it.
> So, I think it would be good, to do here the same:
> At the moment its better to create Mono for 
> Linux-programming. But if the 
> first important Windows-programs need .net and Windows.Forms, 
> we can talk 
> again about it.
> Greatings
> Freddy BL
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