[Mono-list] Windows forms

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:38:34 +0000

I think Miguel and Mike are right.

If Windows.Forms is bad, and Microsofts want to create a new API for it, why 
then using it?

The primary idea of Mono is, to have a the advatages of an 
Intermediate-Language for the Linux-platform.
And compiled Console-programs run already today on Linux _and_ Windows.

I think, that it is at first more important to have a complete support of 
all GTK+-API in GTK#. And that its possible to create programs in mono for 

If anybody needs Windows.Forms, it is IMHO better, if a combination of the 
Mono- and the WINE-project do this.
Remember, that the Windows-GUI have features which GTK+ don't have (look at 
the different Menu-looks in SharpDevelop: Normal, XP-Office, etc). And there 
existing a lot of features in GTK+, which the Windows-GUI don't have.

So, it is better, to create Windows-Forms based on WINE. Then the GUI looks 
like Windows. And I think, that this is better. If you create Windows.Forms 
in GTK+ (which is a hard work), than there comes KDE-people and want to do 
the same with Qt. And than there comes Motif-people, who do the same with 
At the end, it would be a only dissipated power.

So, its better - if any want to have Windows.Forms, to create it on base of 
In one time I have asked the WINE-team, if they would be cooperate withe the 
mono-team to create Windows.Forms. And if they cooperate for programs, where 
Windows-programs load native-dlls on Windows.
The answer was, that its at the moment no topic for their, because at the 
moment there are no important programs, which used .net with Windows.Forms. 
But if the first programs comes, they are interested in it.

So, I think it would be good, to do here the same:
At the moment its better to create Mono for Linux-programming. But if the 
first important Windows-programs need .net and Windows.Forms, we can talk 
again about it.

Freddy BL

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