[Mono-list] Windows forms.

Ulf Ochsenfahrt ulfjack@gmx.de
08 Jul 2002 10:20:01 +0200

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On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 08:04, Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar wrote:
> 	I disagree. When I say I want support for winforms on
> non windows platforms, all I want is that the GUI applications
> written on windows should work. The look and feel is not that=20
> important. Atleast the defaults do not matter at all. For example
> the default background skin may be different in both windows
> and Gnome/Kde.
> 	All I want is that both should function properly and=20
> would prefer they look like native widgets on respective=20
> platforms instead of having "windows looks" ;)

Oh and, nevertheless, the choice of look & feel should be given to the
user not the operating system.

-- Ulf

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