[Mono-list] Windows forms.

Ulf Ochsenfahrt ulfjack@gmx.de
08 Jul 2002 10:14:31 +0200

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On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 08:04, Dwivedi , Ajay Kumar wrote:
> 	I disagree. When I say I want support for winforms on
> non windows platforms, all I want is that the GUI applications
> written on windows should work. The look and feel is not that=20
> important. Atleast the defaults do not matter at all. For example
> the default background skin may be different in both windows
> and Gnome/Kde.
> 	All I want is that both should function properly and=20
> would prefer they look like native widgets on respective=20
> platforms instead of having "windows looks" ;)

Nevertheless, if someone writes a custom control under Windows, the
custom control will probably be written to match the Windows.Look.

Secondly, the "feel" is part of the toolkit and the interna are written
around the "feel". So an application written under Windows probably
expects that the events happen as they do in Windows, e.g. the
application waits for a doubleclick and acts on that (this will be
especially true for custom controls). So, if you're mixing standard and
custom controls, one control reacts on single click (because it follows
the GTK.Feel and the one next to it reacts on doubleclick (because it is
custom). Do you really want that?

On a cleanly written toolkit (like perhaps Swing or even Gtk or Qt),
this is no problem if the ability of writing custom controls is
restricted in some way (i.e. you don't have access to the actual
windowing system events).

That is why I think "Windows.Forms =3D Windows.Looks =3D Windows.Feel".

-- Ulf

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