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Kaloian Doganov kaloian@bgit.net
09 Jul 2002 00:53:24 +0300

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I disagree.

First, the Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) has no its own Look and
Feel. Widows AWT implementation uses native Win32 widgets, and
Unix/Linux AWT implementation uses Motif.

Second, Swing provides Pluggable Look&Feel mechanism -- there are
platform-independend Java Look&Feel (hated by you, I see ;-)), but also
Windows Look&Feel and Motif Look&Feel. Under MacOS X, there is also
another Aqua look&feel. For example, see how jEdit runs under MacOS X:


There are also thid-pary look&feels for Swing, listed at:


It's true, of course, that we don't see a lot of Java implementation on
the client side. But the Look&Feel issue is not the reason for that.

=CD=E0 =EF=ED, 2002-07-08 =E2 12:58, Douglas and Elena Husemann =E7=E0=EF=
> The Swing UI is half the reason you don't see alot of java implementation=
 on the
> client side.
> It doesn't have the look and feel of the client.

> But I do know from the little I have played with Java that most of the us=
> hated the programs generated
> with it using the "universal" gui because it did not have the feel of Win=
> or Amiga, or Mac depending
> on which user you talked to.

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