[Mono-list] Windows forms.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jul 2002 21:10:48 -0400

Hello Mike,

   I am glad that you joined the discussion, because you have a lot of
experience with Windows.Forms.

> It's a lot of work, but Windows.Forms suck and when GTK# is good it may be
> worth the effort.

   There are two things I would like to explore from you:

	* What pieces of Windows.Forms are good.

	* What parts of Windows.Forms you think are bad.

    I want to know what is good, because perhaps we could implement
those pieces at least, and people could use a combination of the good
pieces, with pieces from a differen toolkit (simplifying for example the
effort to port SharpDevelop).

    And which pieces are bad, just for the guys that are looking at
implementing Windows.Forms anyways.