[Mono-list] Windows forms.

Mike Krüger omni_brain@hotmail.com
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 23:20:16 +0200


> Just a random thought: If one motivation for WinForms is using
> SharpDevelop, perhaps it's easier to port that IDE to gtk# than to port
> WinForms to Linux to make SharpDevelop run on that emulation layer.

SharpDevelop is prepared to dump Windows.Forms when it is neccessary. I
the GUI layer and I hope that I were careful enough to have not many
dependencies outside of the code.
When GTK# runs (under Windows too :)) and is mighty enough I'll try to port
It's a lot of work, but Windows.Forms suck and when GTK# is good it may be
worth the effort.