[Mono-list] Windows forms.

Ulf Ochsenfahrt ulfjack@gmx.de
07 Jul 2002 12:56:34 +0200

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On Sat, 2002-07-06 at 19:53, Miguel de Icaza wrote:=20
> If people want to move on, go ahead, but I think it is going to be
> hard.  Sample applications will probably require little work, but as
> soon as you move into the hard problems, you might find yourself
> replacing a lot of the code (the sample Windows.Forms code that we have
> in CVS can handle "simple" applications, but not complex ones).
I would suggest creating a wrapper dll that emulates a clean windowing
environment using either X or Win32 specific calls. Then one should
write Windows.Forms as some kind of "new" widget set, that is, start
from zero. I believe emulating Windows.Forms using either Gtk# or Qt# or
Whatever# will prove near impossible.=20

Such a "virtual windowing system" isn't so difficult to write and
emulate on top of X or Win32 since at the bottom level both system are
surprisingly similar. (I wrote such a wrapper dll last year for my own
use and it works quiet well - I can easily write a GUI program once and
use it on either Windows or Linux - of course it is pretty low level.)=20

-- Ulf

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