[Mono-list] Java Bytecode -> IL Bytecode Compiler

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
11 Jan 2002 00:44:50 -0500

>     CLS-complaince would be a big problem if I see it from right angle. But hey,
> most of the CLS-non-compliant stuff deals with unmanaged code, or am I missing
> something?

Being CLS complaint should be relatively easy.  It will be part of your
translation effort (you will get this almost for free).

>     If I get you right, is it ensuring that String gets mapped to
> "System.String" instead of java.lang.String? I mean, treating the bytecode not
> as some IL but rater a Language and then transform to the IL corresponding to
> the dotNET environment.

Here is how I believe this would work:

	* Use CLI native strings (use ldstr opcode for example)

	* You turn java.lang.String class into a wrapper or you provide
	  your own implementation.  This is so you can achieve full
	  compatibility with Java. 

>     ?? Converting not only push / pop to push / pop but also java.lang.Integer
> to System.Int32?

I am having doubts about how to handle this, but it would be good to
look at existing work in the area (what does J# do in this case?)