[Mono-list] Java Bytecode -> IL Bytecode Compiler

Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 12:39:53 +0530

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: Being CLS complaint should be relatively easy.  It will be part of your
: translation effort (you will get this almost for free).

    Got it. :-)

: Here is how I believe this would work:
: * Use CLI native strings (use ldstr opcode for example)
: * You turn java.lang.String class into a wrapper or you provide
:   your own implementation.  This is so you can achieve full
:   compatibility with Java.

    Maps should be available. So, any type that is common to both, should be
taken care of by the lookup table. While also, there should be arrangements for
java.lang.Vector -> ? (<something>.ArrayList). Anyhow, I am looking upto this
for a phase 2 implementation.

: >     ?? Converting not only push / pop to push / pop but also
: > to System.Int32?
: I am having doubts about how to handle this, but it would be good to
: look at existing work in the area (what does J# do in this case?)

    J# - level #0 as far as I am concerned. Just downloaded the J# - SDK for
Beta 2, but hey, it fails to detect Beta 2 installed. Exits with an error that
.NET Beta 2 SDK is not installed - exiting now!

Gaurav Vaish

: Miguel