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: Bob brings an interesting point:
: A large portion of the libraries required to run Java can just be reused
: from existing class library projects (for example GNU Classpath).  What
: you would like to do is map things like the Java string type to the .NET
: string type in some cases (to achieve for example CLS-compatibility).

    CLS-complaince would be a big problem if I see it from right angle. But hey,
most of the CLS-non-compliant stuff deals with unmanaged code, or am I missing

: Also, I like what Sergey said.  You can definitely operate from the byte
: codes.  Indeed, just load them as an intermediate representation, and
: generate code from this, rather than attempting a dumb

    If I get you right, is it ensuring that String gets mapped to
"System.String" instead of java.lang.String? I mean, treating the bytecode not
as some IL but rater a Language and then transform to the IL corresponding to
the dotNET environment.

: bytecode-to-bytecode mapping, this approach is equivalent to a real
: compiler: "parse the user input into intermediate representation" (in
: this case, it is the byte codes) and then "compile" the result into .NET
: code.
: You could use Sergey's metadata library (it is on Sergey's web page) to
: read and write byte codes from C#.

    From where do I get this? the wildwestsoftware.com is in hibernation, while
google does not be proper links.

: A worthwhile project I believe.  It would bring together two worlds.

    ?? Converting not only push / pop to push / pop but also java.lang.Integer
to System.Int32?

Gaurav Vaish

: Miguel.
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