[Mono-list] 4 mono questions (very basic)

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:04:42 +0100

On 02/10/02 george moudry wrote:
> 2) on linux, can I run mint inside a debugger? I wanted to step through a 
> mint session to see how it works, but kdbg told me this:

I run mint in gdb every day. 

>   (process:13680): ** WARNING **: cant resolve internal call to
>     "System.AppDomain::getDefaultAssemblies"
>   Unhandled exception ...ArgumentOutOfRangeExc... Argument is out of range.
>   #0: 0x00034 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ([0] [nan][(nil)..
>   #1: 0x00005 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ([0] [nan] )
>   #2: 0x00007 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ()
>   #3: 0x00000 in System.Threading.Thread::.cctor ()
> I should mention that the mint session runs okay as a standalone.

The arguments look corrupted. Can you try with another debugger as well?
Also, try with the last cvs versions of both mint and corlib.


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