[Mono-list] 4 mono questions (very basic)

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
Sat, 09 Feb 2002 23:46:41 -0600

george moudry wrote:

>3) Could you describe how to run gtk-sharp/sample/ButtonApp.cs (on linux)?  After downloading mono, do I first have to use a windows machine to create a compiler from mcs/mcs/driver.cs? And do I run the compiler via "mint"?
Right now, ButtonApp doesn't even compile on windows, but that should be 
changing in the next couple days.  I'm almost finished with the signal 
generation that makes ButtonApp worth compiling.   HelloWorld.cs in Gtk# 
compiles and runs on Win32, but I'm not aware of anyone having tried to 
run it on linux with either mint or the jit.  

>4) Is there any support for System.Windows.Forms, or do I have to use 
>Gtk.Window instead?
None whatsoever.  Windows.Forms is a *long* way off.  The Windows.Forms 
namespace is an enormous beast, and it can't even be broached until a 
major effort in System.ComponentModel and System.Drawing, among others 
is complete.  Graphical mono apps on linux using Windows.Forms are a 
long way off.