[Mono-list] HTML Mockup for Class Lib Todo's

Richard Thombs Richard Thombs" <mono@stony.org
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 10:02:50 -0800

I'm new to this list and to the Mono project, but I certainly agree that
providing a better summary of the class status would be beneficial.

I'll gladly put some time into providing a few formats along the lines of
what Nick suggests, but after having looked into the problem a bit unless
there's some cunning XSLT features I don't know about, I can't see how we
could achieve the overall 'System' is 75% complete summary without
reorganising the XML file to provide a more hiearchical structure.

Being new, I don't know how class.xml is maintained or who should I talk to
about this.

Richard Thombs (Stony)

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> From: Nick Drochak
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> Subject: [Mono-list] HTML Mockup for Class Lib Todo's
> All,
> As most of you probably know, our class status page needs some work.
> Right now all the missing classes are just shown on the page in a big
> list.  We need to provide a better display of that information, so I've
> come up with some simple HTML that I'd like to get comments on (see
> attachment).  It has just some dummy data in it, which will be filled in
> for the real classes by some utility. I'm thinking of a tool (or set of
> tools) that would produce XML of the missing and to-do class data, and
> then use XSLT to make the HTML pages.
> ...