[Mono-list] ASP

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Feb 2002 19:50:09 -0500

> The type that's passed in is <i>your</i> MarshalByRefObject-derived type
> that's instantiated and exposed via the service that you register.
> There's a system that alows you to configure the lifetime of the
> server-side objects. Like you I'm just starting out reading about all
> this stuff. The SDK documentation on it is pretty sparce, but if you're
> looking for a good source of info, check out
> http://www.dotnetremoting.cc/: I'm just pissed that Ingo's book doesn't
> come out until May...

This is interesting.  Thanks for the pointer, MarshalByRefObject makes
indeed all the difference.  I will try a few samples later on.

I wonder if HttpServerChannel is a generic enough infrastructure to
implement the ASP processor though.  Anyone care to build a few test
programs with .NET?  If we can make this happen with the .NET framework,
we could even start coding the small ASP.NET server even before we
implement our own HttpServerChannel.