[Mono-list] ASP

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 00:08:45 -0800

The type that's passed in is <i>your</i> MarshalByRefObject-derived type
that's instantiated and exposed via the service that you register.
There's a system that alows you to configure the lifetime of the
server-side objects. Like you I'm just starting out reading about all
this stuff. The SDK documentation on it is pretty sparce, but if you're
looking for a good source of info, check out
http://www.dotnetremoting.cc/: I'm just pissed that Ingo's book doesn't
come out until May...


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> Remoting allows you to create a listener, in much the same way as you 
> describe below.

I took a look at these classes, and the documentation does like to talk
a lot about SOAP (both here as in the HttpServerChannel). 

It *does* look like what we want, certainly.  Now I need to read some
more, because I have yet to figure out what the type that is passed as
the first argument is in WellKnowServiceEntry constructor is.